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Get Involved

Body Tales welcomes, needs and values volunteers. Here are areas where we most need support:

  • Grant-writing, business and marketing consulting
  • Audio & video tech support and consulting
  • Computer technical support
  • Public relations, networking and distributing flyers
  • Serve on our Advisory Board
  • Serve on our Board of Directors

Here are other ways that you can help:

Organize an event
Organize a Body Tales or Authentic Movement event. Bring us to your university, company, conference, or living room for a Body Tales workshop, performance or presentation. We also offer workshops for specific groups, such as women's circles, therapy groups, and any other business, artistic, or spiritual group that would like to experience Body Tales together.

Sponsor an ad
Help us reach out: sponsor an advertisement for Body Tales in your favorite publication.

Spread the word
Please share your enthusiasm for Body Tales with others who might benefit from the work. Word-of-mouth is one of the strongest ways to bring Body Tales to new people.

"I was deeply moved by the power of Body Tales, the safety and significance of the "space" created in coming together with intention. It gave me tools for communicating more authentically, feelingly and completely. I have had the opportunity to discover and share my stories — the tales written in the book of my body — and to witness others'. This power of bearing witness evokes important and necessary truth."
— Malama Kae Neil, body worker, writer/poet

Board of Directors
Melissa Krasner
Judi Williams
Susan McKearnan
Lysa Castro
Olivia Corson
Ralph Paterno
Richard Higgs